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What To Expect From Group Fitness Classes

Group fitness classes might seem intimidating, but they are a great way to spice up your workouts, as well as being a perfect way to start your fitness journey. It might take time to find the right class for you, but once you do you'll feel supported in a fun and inviting environment. Joining a group fitness class is a great idea if you have never worked out and want to start, want to add variety to your workouts, or just want to try something new!

Below is a breakdown of what to expect out of a group fitness class.

Types of Group Fitness Classes

There are many different group fitness classes out there. Some group fitness classes have 15+ people in a class, while other types such as small group fitness classes have less people. If you are going to a group fitness class with 15 or more people, you will probably have 1 sometimes 2 instructors. The instructors are not only there to coach you through your workout, but ensure that you are doing the exercises correctly. A downside to having so many people in a class is that you might not get the one-on-one attention as you would in a smaller class.

If you are looking for a more attentive group fitness environment, small group fitness classes are a considerable option. These types of group fitness classes usually have 4-6 people in a class with one coach. Having a smaller group allows the coach to provide more attention to each individual in the class. Along with having a more personal experience with a coach, you still have the support and encouragement from other classmates.

What to Expect

If you are nervous to go to your first group fitness class, that’s okay. It may seem intimidating, but try to remember that everyone is there to work on themselves; they were all beginners at one point too. Keep in mind that modifications and progressions will be provided for you, designed for all fitness levels in mind. The instructor will demonstrate alternate ways to perform the workout. If you have any questions, concerns, or limitations it is a good idea to arrive early to class. This time will allow you to meet and talk with the coach. Arriving early also allows you to get comfortable in your new environment. Depending on the fitness class you join, the instructor will either workout with you or lead you through a warm-up, demonstrate the exercises, and then take you through a cool-down when class is over. During the workout your instructor will encourage you to do your best while motivating you to work hard. They will also keep the energy in the room fun and energetic as they ensure proper form.

Benefits from Group Training

-Accountability: Group Fitness is fun, exciting, and a positive activity to look forward to throughout the week. When you walk into class you will immediately feel a sense of community and support. Joining a group fitness class is a great way to implement accountability. Not only is the coach relying on you to be there, but your classmates are as well.

-Consistency: Similar to accountability, your classmates will want you to be consistent. They’ll ask when you’re coming to class next and will look forward to seeing you again. It can be difficult to stay consistent with working out. Joining a group class is an amazing way to stay consistent. Consistency will allow you to fit workouts into your routine. Once you get into a routine it will be easier to show up for class and create discipline.

-Variety: Along with accountability and consistency, taking group fitness classes will provide variety to your workouts. Fitness classes allow you to just show up and put in the work. You won’t have to worry about creating your own workout or wondering what to do with the weights. New exercises you’ve never done before will be introduced and you’ll have the opportunity to try them out!

-Support: Group fitness classes will offer support and encouragement. This support comes from the coach and classmates. Not only do the other classmates want to work hard and meet their goals, they want everyone else in class to as well. This type of support is hard for people to find if they workout alone. Bringing a friend with you to class can provide even more support, accountability, and motivation.

If a group fitness class seems like something you are interested in, we highly recommend trying out a class! At Truecare we offer small group fitness classes. Class sizes are 6 people per class with 1 instructor supporting you along the way. Join our community and try out one of our small group fitness classes today! We currently offer classes 6 days a week with a variety of time slots.

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