Truecare Performance aims to bridge the gap between rehab and performance through offering a personalized training experience within a small group setting. Our training programs are designed to reshape your quality of life, redefine your health and minimize your risk for injury.  



Chiropractic Care

Our performance coaches utilize a functional movement screen to assess your body’s unique movement characteristics to develop an individualized training experience to help you excel at your fitness and health goals. Every program is designed for proper movement, function and reflects our knowledge of biomechanics to help people of all ages and physiques perform better in life and sport. We would love to have you join us for functional training here is Lansing, MI.

All of our small group classes have expert level coaches to ensure a safe, effective and efficient training experience. Each class is 45 minutes long with an emphasis on 6 foundational functional movement patterns (squat, lunge, hinge, push, pull, and carry) along with metabolic conditioning and a recovery mobility session. In addition to classes, periodic reevaluations will be performed to assess your progress.



Mon: 8-1, 2-5, Tue: 8-5, Wed: 8-5 

Thr: 7-3 | Fri: 8-12